Remember the taste of your favourite candy during you childhood? Ever wondered why you still feel the taste lingering in your mouth? This is because we humans have an emotional connect with flavours; once experienced can never be forgotten and are imbibed in one’s memory. Humans have a deeply curious nature, always wanting to explore new flavours. We at Vital work towards fulfilling this curiosity with our wide range of flavours.


Vital excels in delivering fruit based flavours, specifically the mixed fruit tonality. We offer a variety of fruit flavours catering to a wide range of application in the food, pharmaceutical and allied industry.


Herbal flavours are known for their ability to mask unpleasant tones of a product. Over these years, Vital has successfully gained a respectable position in the industry through our BTM (Bitter Taste Masking) product series.


Spice flavours are used in mainly in the bakery or the beverage industry. We produce spice flavours like vanilla, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and many others.


Vital creates signature flavours for pharmaceutical products. These flavoring systems have high impact & ability to mask bitter taste which is often associated with the pharmaceutical product. Vital’s pioneering work in “Bitter Taste Management” which is used to mask the bitter taste of tablets and syrups and make the product palatable, has earned Vital a place of respect in the Pharmaceutical Industry. We offer both, liquid & dry form of BTM system along with latest variants e.g. metallic taste maskers. BTM Flavour is Vital’s original creation in the area of pharmaceutical flavours & many clients are basking in success due to this flagship flavour. We attribute this success to our hard work & deep knowledge of active raw materials used in pharmaceutical formulations.